How To Deal With Social Pressure And Will Help With The Improvement of Your Social Skills


How To Make Yourself Immune To Social Pressure

One of the unfortunate things about living in the world is that when you have goals, there will be obstacles and those obstacles can often come in the form of other human beings the doubters, the haters, and sometimes the friends and the family that just don’t want you to get hurt or don’t want you to change which is why in this article, I want to help immunize you against that peer and social pressure so that that doubt doesn’t creep in and stop you from achieving your big dreams.

Now, the first thing to realize is that it’s not often the case that the person who is doubting us or the person who is pressuring us has a really persuasive amazing argument.

What is often the case is that we haven’t gotten clear on our own values and we actually just use them as an excuse for doubting ourselves which is why it’s so, so important to get crystal-clear on the things that you think are important; you need to write this down.

And the best question that I know of to get clear on your values is this one when you’re 90 or 100 years old and you’re looking back at your life and all the amazing things that you did, what do you want to see?

Write down your values
Write down your values

#1. Write down your values

When especially you’re looking back at this time period in your life, what would you like to say?

Would you like to say, “That was a time period in my life where I confirmed and followed what everybody said? I took the safe path and just kind of played it safe,” or do you want to look back and say, “That was the time period where I struck out and followed my dreams and whether or not it went perfectly, I found out if that was something that I was capable of doing; I learned a ton.”?

Now, I hope and I think that you’re probably with me and that it’s the second one.

But when you do this, a lot of things will become clear to you and I actually did this many years ago.

And I was working a normal job as a consultant and it was very clear to me that I did not want to just work until I was 65. What I wanted to do was to move to

Brazil with a bunch of my friends to try to start this online business thing to see if it could work and when I wrote down my day the way that I wanted to go — waking up in the morning, knocking on my friend’s door, we lived in the same apartment, we go out to the beach together, we take a stroll, we’d be drinking caipirinhas I wrote the whole thing out.

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When I got clear on that, it was so motivating that when anybody would come up to me and say, “Charlie, you’re crazy. You’re gonna quit your job and you’re gonna try to start this online business?” it didn’t faze me because I didn’t value the security of the job in the same way that

I valued pursuing this dream because I’ve gotten clear on it.

So take this time; this is so, so critical not just for this topic but for everything in your life write down your values; it’s so helpful.

Build a core group of positive influences
Build a core group of positive influences

#2. Build a core group of positive influences

The second thing that you’re going to need to do is to realize that there isn’t a human being that I know that is immune to social pressure.

We all are adjusting and reacting based on the people around us which is why the answer is not just to say, “Hey, nobody can influence me,” the answer is to build a moat.

The answer is to have this moat surrounding you of really positive influences such that when there’s a negative influence, it doesn’t break through.

Now, the important thing to realize here is that if you’re like me and you want to be an entrepreneur, you’re not necessarily surrounded by other entrepreneurs so your first influence inside that moat are going to come from books, audio tapes, and article.

For me, it was Tim Ferriss. I read The 4-Hour Workweek and that really laid out the blueprint for how I was gonna travel, how I was gonna spend my 20s, the business that I would run…

So if you’re interested in any of those things — travel, lifestyle, having freedom of time or business — go to The 4-Hour Workweek.

It’s changed probably tens of thousands of people’s lives at this point — amazing book.

If you’re interested in social stuff, hopefully, this channel is helping you to really improve your social skills.

The important part is you want to refer to this probably daily.

There’s a 2B to this which is you can’t just have your little moat built with authors and dead people; it’s not gonna work for you.

You need to have real live human beings that you can interact with which is why what I recommend is when you find that book, share it with your friends.

When you find that article, send it to them.

Friends that you might want to come on this journey with you — whatever it is whether you’re trying to stop drinking and be more social, whether you’re trying to start a business, whether you’re striking out on your own — in any way are going to be resistant to you persuading them.

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They will, in my experience, be much more open to checking out a piece of content that you give them and then forming their own idea; this is how Ben got me.

He didn’t tell me, “Hey, man. We’re gonna start this business; it’s gonna be great,” he gave me The 4-Hour Workweek and that took it from there; so that’s 2B.

Get someone else on your team, start with your current circle, and if you can’t get that, go to or Reddit.

There are a subreddit and meetup for literally everything.

Find a way to build conviction in yourself
Find a way to build conviction in yourself

#3. Find a way to build conviction in yourself

So the third thing, and I’ve mentioned this, is that you need to make progress every single day.

Like I said, influences are bombarding you from all angles all the time; you have to find a way to schedule it into your day some sort of reading, some sort of article, some sort of conversation with a person that is going to make you not feel crazy…

And Ben and I luckily live together when we were starting our business.

Every day, he’d go into the office and his co-workers were telling him he was crazy for quitting his job at the end of just a few months to go with Charisma on Command but then he’d come home and we would laugh about how they couldn’t see what we saw — that we were going to Brazil and that it was gonna be awesome.

You have to find a way every single day to refresh yourself against those negative influences or else they will start to seep in.

So that is how you inoculate yourself.

What I want to teach you now is how to deal with it when inevitably, that doubter comes up to you and says, “Hey, you’re doing this wrong,” or tries to pressure you and that may happen for you over the holidays from a well-meaning aunt, uncle, mom, or dad.

In this case, be kind and smile but there’s one phrase that I found that just puts an end to this — after they’ve told you the ways in which you changed, you say,

“It’s good that you get to make decisions for you and I get to make decisions for me because if it was the other way around, we’d both be really unhappy.” and I talked about this in another article which I’ll link to but what this does is it very subtly say, “Hey, make your own decisions; I’ll make mine.

As much as you don’t approve of what I’m doing, I also don’t want what you have. I’m just not shoving it down your throat.”

And people get that and they back off very quickly.

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The last thing that I’ve realized is that people are always going to tell you, “Don’t do that,” when you’re in the thinking-about-it mode.

When I was thinking about starting this business with Ben, everybody had an opinion — “Won’t work,”, “Can’t do it for a hundred reasons.”

Once I quit my job and once I started, those voices diminished because it was too late; they couldn’t save me at this point.

If it’s something that isn’t dangerous — this is a Tim Ferriss-ism, if you will, from 4-Hour Workweek — there’s very few things in your life that are not recoverable so just go for it.

If you decide that it’s a stupid idea or was a failure, you can almost always work your way back to the previous position you were with a little bit of time, a little bit of money, and perhaps a little bit of begging for your old job back but you will not find the perfect opportunity if you continue your whole life waiting for it find it so just give it a try.

That’s it for this article; I just want to tell you guys really quick — I’ve been busy with family stuff which is kind of what inspired this because my mom and I did not see eye to eye on the way that I was spending money recently and they’re just gonna watch this.

I love you mom and I hope that you don’t take this any personally or upset by it.

Anyways, we’re gonna have a article on Star Wars coming up after this and that

article is gonna be, I think, two actually — one might be on Han Solo and why we’re gonna miss him so sort of a charisma breakdown on Han and the other one on family and why family is so important because really, Star Wars is this space western with these weird family ties, it’s a family drama and it’s so much more impactful because it is so I want to talk about the importance of family relations and how they probably drive you more than you may realize and I actually am very excited for that one because I think it’s gonna be kind of insightful.

So that’s it for this article. If you want to see those new article coming up, Star Wars and Beyond, hit the Bookmark button.

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I hope that you enjoyed this article; let me know if you have other suggestions in the comments and I’ll see you in the next one.

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